Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Roof Lodgers

House Martin nests have become a rare sight locally over the last few years so I was pleased to come across one in the eaves of the Cedars Surgery building in Deal.

Monday, 30 May 2016

A Visit from a Yaffle.

I always like to see a Green Woodpecker in the garden. I love their comic look as they hop around the grass looking for ants.

Looking out of the window I saw a Green Woodpecker quite a long way down the garden. I picked up the camera and took aquick shot through the glass.

I went to the garden door and gently opened it, and slowly managed to get a large enough gap to get my camera on the bird. I managed a series of pictures and only a large gust of wind that blew some leaves across made it fly up into the tree.

Friday, 27 May 2016

A Laughing Kent Tick

Fifty years after the first Laughing Gull for Kent, I finally caught up with one at Dungeness. This is around the 9th for Kent and the sixth for Dungeness, the first was nearby at Lade. Although the views were very good,the light was bright and were were looking into it as the bird loafed around on the beach with Black-headed and Herring Gulls. The photographs I took were not great, a heat haze, shimmered off of the shingle, but at least I got a few record shots.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

New Tenants

I put up a House Sparrow nest box a couple of years ago.It was tucked away in a quiet shaded corner but seemed to be ignored.

 I was sitting in my study when I noticed a Sparrow collecting nesting material

. It flew upwards in the direction of the box and I went upstairs to check.

Watching, through the window. from the other side of the room meant the bird was completely unaware of me. She came in and out a couple of times and I left her to it.

Although people think of Sparrows as noisy, streetwise birds, they can be quite secretive when nesting.

It isn't unusual to  hear a Song Thrush singing when I'm in the garden, and quite often I find broken snail shells at the back of the garden, but for some reason we seldom see one  on the lawn. This one didn;t stay in view long, but there are a lot hidden feeding areas.

A splash of colour in the trees was the Brambling that's been around for a few days, I've only seen one, and I suspect it been the same one each day.

Although I have given the grass a "long" cut it is still long enough for the Bramblings head to disappear while it's feeding.

I think that there are two different Wrens in song round the garden. One spends time in the tangle that was the Rose Arch and one around the Top Pond.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Ancient Celebration

On Saturday I reach the milestone of 73 years, I say milestone because at this age each one is worth noting. I spent a great time with Simon, my youngest son, visiting the RSPB Reserve at Rainham. This was my first visit to the new reserve, although I had been there in the old days, before it was a reserve. 

Brimstone Yellow Butterfly

Male Reed Bunting

Male Reed Bunting

Blue Tit on one of the bird tables at Rainham.

Marsh Frog

Male Kingfisher

Male Kingfisher

red Kite

Common Lizard 

Common Lizard 

 Later in the afternoon we visited Thurrock Thameside Nature Park, an Essex Wildlife Trust Reserve. As the tide was out the waders were a good distance away, but this reserve is looking good and will almost certainly attract some good birds and many birders.

Thurrock Thameside Nature Park visitor centre

Mucking Bay Thurrock Thameside Nature Park

River Thames from Thurrock Thameside Nature Park, with Kent in the background.

Looking out to sea from Thurrock Thameside Nature Park