Friday, 29 December 2006

Colour in the garden

It is still possible to find quite a lot of colour in the garden, Winter Jasmine, one of the Hebes and this Cyclamen (above) are still in flower and the birds, as yet haven't stripped the berries on the Cotoneaster and Pyracanthus.


josconklin said...

Is this sort of color normal for the garden in December, or is your winter unseasonally warm?

Tony Morris said...

Hi Jose,
I think that it is a bit of both. We are having an unseasonably mild winter, but then this will be the norm for a while, with global
climate change. If the Gulf Stream (North Atlantic Drift), gets turned off because of the melting ice, an increasing possibility,then our winters will get much colder. We'll be like Newfoundland. At the same time in sheltered area there have always been a few hardy flowers to brighten up the winter months, but these are exceptional.