Thursday, 7 December 2006

Pied Wagtail

I was in the Bay yesterday, a much better day weather wise, when a Pied Wagtail landed next to me before I got out of the car. Cars make great hides, carefully open the window and fire away, get out and the bird flies away. I took a lot of pictures, they wag their tails so often it's difficult to get a sharp picture, and here are a couple I liked.

The digital age has had a major affect on my photography. In the days of film, when I found a subject I would take a few and hope that at least one would be good enough to use. After a while the film in the camera would be used and I’d send it off to Fuji and get a box of slides back a few days later, if I was lucky a few would be usable. Now things are different. It doesn’t matter how many you take, you can inspect them and dump the duds as you go along and then further edit them on your computer when you get home, and no expensive film. It sounds good, but I must admit I do miss the physical attributes of a good slide that you can hold and appreciate in its own right.

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Josy said...

Oi, I hear you on the digital photography. I actually got a very nice film camera right before The Age of Digital, and it takes wonderful photographs... but I never used it 'cos A) it was large and bulky, and B) I'd have to develop the film before I discovered that my techniques were bad and the entire roll was wasted.

I've got a digital camera now, which solves the issues of A and B, but it takes crappy photos.