Sunday, 14 January 2007

Out for a stroll

After the awful weather of the last few days, when the wind was gusting at times at over 70mph (112kph) it was a calm and sunny day today. It was also unseasonably mild, as it has been most of the winter. I strolled round "the paddock", known officially as Bockell Hill and watched a few Rabbits out for a stroll. You can see how summery it was from the picture above and I guess that this winter is pretty easy for then, with luxuriant vegetation still growing and no covering of snow to hide their food. By the way there are lots of names in the area with "bock" or "brock" in them. They are derived from the old English for the Badger.

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JC said...

We've had an unseasonably warm winter in the northeast US, too. I think it got up to 23 degrees C last week... but thankfully, it's currently freezing, as mid-January should be.

(Love your rabbits! I'm in admiration of your wildlife-photographing abilities.)

(I hope I haven't submitted this twice.)