Friday, 12 January 2007

The Fire Station

This is the Fire Station at St Margaret's. I had had a look at the information about Kent Fire Stations and this is what I found.
St Margaret's Station number: E17 Station
Commander: Jason Lahaye
Crewed: Retained
Address: Reach Road, St Margaret's, CT15 6AE
Telephone No: 01304 852782
Drill night: Monday 19:30
These firefighters have other jobs and serve the community as "part-time" firefighters. I noticed that there is a recruitment campaign at the moment and it reminded me of what an important part these people play in the area. We hope we don't need them but when we do it is re-assuring to know someone is there for us. The recent tragedy in Sussex at a fireworks factory made it seem all the more poignant.

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