Friday, 23 February 2007

Dog(s) walking, healthy exercise

Many people walk their dogs on the foot paths around St Margaret's. It is a wonderful area both for the dogs and their owners to get exercise. Mostly, both the owners and their dogs are well mannered and well behaved, as were the subjects of this photo. Occasionally someone will shout "don't worry he won't hurt you" while some massive beast jumps all over you. I always wonder what they would say if I ran up to them, wiped a pair of muddy gloves over their clothes and said, " don't worry it won't hurt".
Of course the main concern with dogs is what they can leave behind. Again nearly all the owners round here are very good and pooper scoop as they go along. I do have one moan. Would the people who do this and then throw their plastic bags in bushes and hedges please stop! They still have to be cleared up and of course they they are extremely unpleasant to deal with.

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Anonymous said...

Isabelle sent me here to have a look. I like your dogs. We just lost our dog last September. Still miss her too. I am a kind of environmental nut in that I provide a wildlife sanctuary for animals in the area. All on a small lot near the center of the city. And those are my subjects that I photograph and use on my blogs and website. You are welcome to stop over.