Wednesday, 14 February 2007


Not the greatest photo, but this chap has just started singing his heart out most of the day and it is a sound I love. For such a diminutive beast, they weigh about 9 grams, but with such a short tail they look smaller, they have a fantastic volume. Their scientific name is Troglodytes troglodytes, which means cave dweller because their nests are domed and look like small caves. It the only species of wren we have but in the USA where they have several they call this one winter wren because they don't see many in the summer, mainly paying hosts to migrants from the North in winter.


Anonymous said...

I see your wren's tails are considerably shorter than our wrens. Our wrens are called, Carolina Wrens and I will have to post one. I don't think there is one on my webiste. and then click on Photographs and then Digital birds. I don't remember is a wren is there or not.

Thanks for stopping at my blog. I appreciate it. I am now looking for your hawk picture.

Tony Morris said...
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Tony Morris said...

Hi Abraham,
I love Carolina Wrens, I used to come over to Charlotte, for work, sometimes. The one we have here you call Winter Wren in the States.
The Sparrowhawk is on Dec 20th.