Monday, 12 March 2007

Blackbird serenade

Today was paint the greenhouse day but, as I was doing it, I was aware that the Blackbirds were in full song. Blackbirds have one of the best songs of the European song birds, but what intrigued me was that within a fairly small area I could hear three or even four singing. The two birds above were no more then 35 yards apart and another was a further 30 yards away, and a fourth was a bit more distant. These singing battles are best heard at dawn, and generally prevent actual physical violence being done.


Nathalie said...

Territory marking!
If only men could also do it all with singing competitions!!!

Sydney Daily Snap

Tony Morris said...

Hi Nathalie, yes that was where I was aiming!

isabella said...

You caught him with his open!

What a great link, too(loved the key rattling sound of the "corn dumpling"). I shall refer to it as needed (which is often!), although I don't know how many of UK and Southern Florida birds would overlap.