Saturday, 31 March 2007

Hedgehog, another assistant gardener

Another nocturnal visitor to the garden is the Hedgehog. His only natural enemy is supposed to be the Badger, but I've often seen them feeding side by side with no problems, when the Hedgehog finds the peanuts before the Badger arrives. Last night was the first visit I've noted this year, so it's good to know they are still around. This should be helpful to the garden as they have slugs high on their list of gourmet foods (peanuts always take priority though). As you can see they will also stop for a drink on their way through. They can swim well but do have problems getting out of "holes" with steep sides. Cattle grids can be a problem but a step for them to use in one corner on each side should do the trick. in this large bird bath I've placed a piece of paving stone, just in case.
A walk round Bockhill Farm and along the cliff top this morning was another disappointment with no sign of any spring migrants arriving.

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Pat said...

I love the first photograph, those little legs are going to have me chuckling everytime I think of them. Great stuff.