Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Fashion Show at the Monument

It's not often that I get the opportunity to take photo's of a "fashion show", so this afternoon was a bit of a surprise. Nigel and I were quietly watching the sea, counting the Sandwich Terns passing by, hoping for something special, when it arrived in the form of four young ladies, three in rather interesting costumes and one with a camera, (plus mum and dad).

Naturally, being nosey, we asked what was going on. Sara Rigden was the one with the camera. She is a student at Laban, a college in Deptford, South-east London that is one of Europe’s leading institutions for contemporary dance training, research and professional development. Recently is has merged with Trinity College of Music.

Here are Loni, Alex and Claire, wearing Sara's costumes.

The costumes are designed by Sara as part of her degree course work on Dance Costumes. The project is called "Second Skin" and is linked with re-cycled materials. Sara is here with her models. She lives in Littlebourne, but obviously has good taste in choosing St Margaret's for the back drop to her exhibition photos.

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