Thursday, 26 April 2007

Pebble Prominent and friends

One of the families of moths that I find most attractive are the Prominents. This is the first of the year and is one of the smallest, with a wing span of about 45mm (just about one and a half inches). This is the earliest date that I've caught this species, in previous years the earliest was May 11th. This theme of the earliest record for me continues with the nest two moths.

This is a Lunar Marbled Brown (lunar because of the mark on the forewing). Since we've lived here my earliest record was May 6th, although I know that it often does emerge in April. This is about the same size as the pebble Prominent.
This Broad-barred White is the earliest I've caught by nearly four weeks.While none of this is by itself significant, it is following a trend of early dates many naturalists have noted for butterflies, migrating birds and flowering plants.

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