Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Eat your Dinner Up!

This young Blackbird has just been presented with a nice juicy worm. Dad watches on, like a good parent to make sure the meal goes down.

Nearlt finished. It doesn't take long, I think this young Blackbird will eat as many worms as it gets given. The parents work really hard at this time. There seemed to be four juvenile and the two parents never stop finding food for them.

While this was going on I was serenaded by this Wren singing just above my head. The wren must have the loudest song, for its' size of any bird. I haven't seen any young Wrens yet, but there are at least two males singing regularly in the area, so I reckon there are a couple of nests around. Young Wrens are very amusing, with the strangest "haircuts" going, I hope that they will pose for portraits in the near future.

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