Wednesday, 30 May 2007

The Other Light House

Slightly north of east of the South Foreland Lighthouse, about 380 yards, away the tower of another lighthouse can be seen. If I remember what the National Trust guide told us, (I wish I'd paid better attention) ships had to line the two lighthouses up, one being at a higher elevation than the other, to determine the position of the Goodwin Sands. This became obsolete because the sands slowly move. Again, I can find little about this on the WEB, I'll have to take the tour again, but in the meantime if anyone can fill in the details please add your comment below.
The "other" Light House" is still an attractive landmark of the area, and I rather like "Red Indian" on the house nearer showing us the wind direction, not quite sure what he's doing in St Margaret's!


Hannah Agar said...

You make my day when I see the pictures of the village and the beautiful animals you discover there. I have to be honest and say its even more special when I see the progress of mum and dads house and my beautiful neice! As I live so far away the pictures you take give me a sense that I am only down the road and one day I hope that is true! Thank you

Tony Morris said...

Thanks Hannah, I'm glad to help you keep in touch with St Margaret's.

GE said...

Your blog has been included in our new guide.
Please keep us informed of any changes to it.

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Angela said...

Hi Tony - I visited the South Foreland Lighthouse on Sunday 10/6/07 with Jon and Jasmin. A well overdue visit - we all really enjoyed it. HAving grown up in the area and lived here a few years we were embarassed to say we'd never visited it before. The guided tour is really interesting for all ages, from young children to the technically minded.

The way the upper and lower beams worked is that where they met was the point at which the Goodwin Sands started, so the ships could adjust their course.

The Red Indian is a link to the American owner or previous owners ?

Love your site Tony, photographs are stunning and the comments always make me smile.

Thanks Angie

PS. it's the Village Shop not Store !