Saturday, 19 May 2007

Spain 17th May 2007 Medina-Sidonia and Bolonia

Plaza de España -with the Town Hall. We thought Medina-Sidonia the most elegant of the Andalusian towns we visited.

Santa Maria la Coronado Church

Santa Maria la Coronado Church - Built on the foundations of the original castle and later a mosque, this church is a fine example of Andalusian Gothic architecture. Inside there is an enormous 15m high and exquisite retablo, that typically depicts scenes from the life of Christ.
May 17th is our Wedding Anniversary and after 42 years we're still married, not a record, but somewhat unusual in the current matrimonial climate. Today we were to go and see the Roman Ruins at Bolonia, but Pam slipped on the pavement near this church and fell on her knee and ankle. We still went to Bolonia, but not to the ruins.

One of the Moorish Gates.

The sheep equivalent of hiding your head in the sand. In this case getting out of the sun.

Spotless Starlings are common here and replace the Common Starling of Northern Europe.

A Pair of (Barn) Swallows have made this restaurant their summer residence. We had a great meal at this resturant, Sea Bream, and got a bag of ice to wrap round Pam's ankle!

Look what I've got the Kids for dinner!

Black-eared Wheatear by the Roman ruins.

Woodchat Shrike.
On the way back to the house, we popped into a bar in Alcala to celebrate with a bottle of red. On the way out we met one of the candidates for the local elections and had a sort of sign language chat. The local elections are why I hardly got a picture in a town without a poster in it!

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