Saturday, 5 May 2007

Unforseen Consequences!

This is the progress that Shane has made in building Tim and Gloria's new house opposite us. The weather has been fine and,since the picture of the horses watching the bricks being delivered, a lot of progress has been made. I wandered down for a chat yesterday and asked Shane when he was going to get the next floor underway. It is going to be interesting to see because this is going to be an upside down house, with the living space upstairs to make use of the views. It transpired that Shane was waiting for scaffolding that should have been delivered a few days ago, but due to the earthquake I reported on the 28th April, there is a shortage of scaffolding as so much is being used in Folkestone. Now, builders are renowned for their excuses, but in the UK this one must be unique, and even more amazing, it's true!

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Chuckeroon said...

Passing by again, Tony. I've just reviewed your last 4 weeks' worth of the usual fine moths and birds. Loved the A258 ducklings.

Psd to note the "upside down house". Ideal solution for the area.