Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Foxed by a Lesser Whitethroat

I went to the Paddock, by the Monument, this afternoon, with the specific aim of getting a decent picture of a singing Lesser Whitethroat. I have always struggled, because although finding them is easy, because they are very vocal, getting a picture is not easy, because they are often deep in the foliage. I'd seen this one a couple of days ago and hoped to do better.

I got to a fair distance away and took a sort of setting the scene picture, above, before getting closer for a proper portrait (I hoped), when all of a sudden everything started alarming and the Lesser Whitethroat dived into cover. At first I though that I had been clumsy and scared everything away, but then I realised that I was being watched by this Fox.

We stood and look at each other for what seemed ages, but was probably about three minutes. A couple of times it turned its head slightly and sometimes the ears were up, as in this picture and sometimes it put them down.

He (is it a young dog?) turned an started to walk away, but did stop for a few seconds for a final look. Nice pose with a Pyramidal Orchid by his tail.

From this high position I noticed that the French Monument at Cap Gris Nez about 21.5 miles away to the east was unusually clear.

Looking North there was a clear view of a ferry on its way into Ramsgate Harbour, about 12 miles away, which proves that for once this week it wasn't raining!

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