Saturday, 16 June 2007

The Garden Safari Sat. 7th. & Sun 8th, July

This will be he third Garden Safari that we have taken part in, I think there was one before we moved to the village. As you can see, once again it is raising money for the Pilgrims Hospices. The last two have been very successful and as well as raising money they bring a fabulous atmosphere to the village. I think this year there will be about 30 gardens open, and I hope I'll be able to sneak of for a few minutes to see some of them.

This was our garden two years ago, mainly Pam's work and design, it was a mass of Echiums and other structural plants. This year we will be in a partly transitional state, but hopefully the garden will still have interesting features. Providing the weather isn't too bad I will be running a couple of moth traps overnight and hopefully there will be a few interesting beasts to see, along with a bit of wildlife around the ponds.

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