Friday, 8 June 2007

Little Owl

I've noticed this Little Owl, not far from Wallet's Court, sitting on wires a few times. The Little Owl is more active than during day light than most owls and it isn't unusual to see one in the hours just after dawn or just before dusk, but this one is unusual, in that it was in full view in mid afternoon. I assume it was using the wire as a lookout while it was hunting. A large proportion of the Little Owl's diet are worms and insects, although they will takes small mammals and birds. This one probably has a nest and young to feed, and is maximising its feeding time. I've put to pictures up, notice how his eyes followed me as I walked passed him.
The Little Owl is widespread in southern and Central Europe, but was only an occasional visitor to the UK until it was introduced in Kent in the late 19th. century. He really is a little Owl, only about 8.5 ins or 22 cm long. The often sit in a huddled or squat position, but this one is looking alert and is quite "stretched".

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Steve Coates said...

Good photos Tony. I've been watching a Little Owl on a stump at Beacon Hill Ripple on my way to work - I hoping for a brood, but it's not been seen for a couple of weeks so maybe they've flown.