Monday, 25 June 2007

Three of the Best

A marathon drive, to Winchester via Walthamstow got three of the five grandchildren together under one roof. The continuous rain and a closure of the M25 at Junction 18 did not help the journey or my frame of mind, but a nice lunch and a glass of wine with two of my sons and their wives, soon had Pam and me feeling much more relaxed.

This is Ben, now a strapping seven year old and here intent on beating his older brother at a game on their connected Nintendo games machines.

We Had hoped to see Cameron playing cricket, but the weather sorted that out. He's a bit down on his cricket at the moment, as he collected his first golden duck last week. It's happened to everyone so he shouldn't worry.

Young Sam demonstrated that he is now into solids, and he didn't even blow a raspberry with a mouth full of weetabix (I must teach him how too!)

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