Thursday, 12 July 2007

Bay Hill

At the top of Bay Hill stands this impressive building, owned by the St Margaret's Bay Trust. Now named Bay Hill Close, there is obviously some interesting history for me to research.

At the bottom of the hill this Victorian Post Box is set in the wall of South Sands House.

At the end of the South Lands House wall are the remains of an older wall with this information attached:
"This wall formed part of the defences of England during the threat of the Napoleonic invasion 1798-1803. The Secretary of State Sir William Dundas and William Pitt the Prime Minister & the then Warden of the Cinque Ports – at the instigation of Sir Home Popham an East Kent man and Sir Charles Gray then commanding the South East Kent Forces gave orders that this likely landing spot was to be fortified. The census of 1801 shows the population of St Margarets as 419 and undoubtedly the Village had enough men to man its own defences of a platoon or so in the Cinque Port Volunteers."

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Anonymous said...

I find your blog very interesting especially this post here with the history in it. The pictures are lovely also.