Monday, 16 July 2007


If I remember correctly both the ancient Greeks and the Romans had a fair knowledge of drains and drainage. Archimedes used the fact that water would flow down hill when he jumped out of the bath! It is a shame then that the engineers (?) who designed and over saw the work (?) on the car park in the bay seemed not to have learnt these rather simple lessons of Physics and material science. Water runs down hill, concrete is not permeable to water and water molecules love to congregate in puddles.

The car park was closed for about seven weeks in total, to describe the quality of the work done as poor would be to praise it far more than it deserves. It now looks like a car park in need of renovation, just eight weeks after it was finished. I'll let my photos tell the story.

This is not a paddling facility for disabled drivers.

The surface is like this already, I know it was meant to be loose stones but this will get positively dangerous.

It would not have been difficult to put drain holes (weep holes) in the retaining wall to let the water out.

And remember Dover District Council is spending OUR money.


Anonymous said...

To add to your anguish regarding the car park, did you know the work or rather the cost of several council employees carrying out an engineering experiment "failed" by the seaside,cost £88,000.

Tony Morris said...

interesting, are you anon for a reason? With the length of time they took and the numbeer of people involved I thought it might have been more. I'm not in anquish though, I save that for more important things!