Sunday, 19 August 2007

Empty - for how long?

There's nothing that spoils the look of the place more than an empty shop that stays looking sad and neglected for months. In the High Street the Old Post Office is still sadly decaying and at the corner of the Droveway the double fronted shop is still empty. I'm sure that over the years there have been several businesses here. I remember it as an antique shop and then recently as a shop for all things horsey. I saw that there was an application for it to become a tearoom on the Dover Council Planning list, but in the latest list the application has been withdrawn. Something other than an empty shop would be nice.
Wildlife This evening a short sea watch yielded some good views of the Harbour Porpoises that have been around for some time. I saw at least three and Gerald, one of the Bockhill Birders tells me he has seen a young one. The passage of terns continues and there are a good number of gannets feeding some way out.
Holiday I will be away for a short break so there will be a gap of about five days in the postings.

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