Friday, 31 August 2007

More Autumn Harvest and sights

Looking north from the Saxon Way footpath on Kingsdown Lees brings a welcome sight for anyone walking the path. On the beach at Kingsdown is the Zetland Arms, and if you started the Walk at Dover you will be in need of something to quench your thirst when you get there.

Today there seemed to be fewer migrants on the ground than yesterday, but in the air there was a large passage of both Sand Martins and House Martins (above) with fewer Swallows and just two Swifts.
Many of the wild flowers are still blooming but I was struck again by the beauty of the seed heads on some of the umbels. I have had a go at naming them, but I confirm them tomorrow! In the meantime I'll let them "speak" for themselves.

I think that this is Wild Carrot
This one I'm not sure of - so nothing new there!

This was the largest and I think it is Hogweed.

The only thing that spoiled my walk was an increase in the amount of dog poo not pooper scooped, surely one of the most anti-social misdemeanours going, and it's no good putting it in a plastic bag and then leaving that in the bushes, this is just as bad and very annoying.

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