Sunday, 12 August 2007

National Moth Night - the reality

National Moth Night is run on different dates each year as different species of moths, like butterflies, have different flight periods. This year four species were particularly targeted, Chalk Carpet, Jersey Tiger, Four Spotted Footman and Cousin German. The first two have previously occurred in my garden, the third has be caught by Nigel Jarman in Kingsdown but the fourth only occurs in the highlands of Scotland (I don't know about the name!). As well as the target species it a chance to see what is occurring across the country. Moths are very sensitive to environmental changes and are a good indicator as to just how badly we are mucking up the world. This year has not been a good year probably because of the very poor weather in June and July, but it's long term trends that matter. Never-the-less I ran four traps last night, three in my garden and one at Copperfield, Tim burdens garden.

Two of the species we did catch were Swallow Prominent and below Iron Prominent.

These are the target species we didn't catch!
Four-spotted Footman, photo taken by Nigel Jarman at Kingsdown in August last year.

Chalk Carpet above and Jersey Tiger below, taken at St Margaret's in August 2006.

Altogether we caught 209 moth of 53 species

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