Thursday, 16 August 2007

White Wings

While looking at a fairly empty sea I decided to scan the gulls on the beach. The first one I look at was a Mediterranean Gull, and soon I realised that there were several there. Adult "Meds" have all white wings and are just slightly bigger the Black-headed Gulls.

I walked along the beach and gained a better view of the roosting gulls.

Looking back towards the Bay the view was spectacular, and there were family groups inspecting the pools amongst the rocks, looking for crabs and other sea shore wildlife.
Looking south the cliffs and chalk blocks create an imposing back-cloth to the sea. A family party of Rock Pipits were feeding amongst the rocks.
As I watched, one of the small fishing boats, checking the nets, go a bit close to the shore and the gulls took off. In total I counted 31 Mediterranean Gulls, easily the highest we've seen here, in addition there were two Little Egrets. In the afternoon I passed a roosting flock of gulls near to where Station Road meets the A258 and amongst the Herring Gulls and Black-headed Gulls there were a good number of Mediterranean Gulls, unfortunately the heavens opened before I had managed to count them and when I returned they had moved and I couldn't relocate them.

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