Friday, 7 September 2007

Web of Life

A small flock of birds was moving between two gardens near the Golf Course and I stopped for a quick check. I had to be careful to miss the Spiders webs that straddled the path.

A couple of squeaks (from me) brought an inquisitive Chiffchaff just above my head. They look very much like Willow Warblers but are slightly duller, have all dark legs and shorter wings.

The most numerous birds in the group were Log-tailed Tits, the one above is sitting unusually still.

This one is performing the acrobatics that they are well known for.

I did post a picture of a Speckled Wood in April. The one above is the nest generation, the offspring of the spring Butterflies having gone through the stages of egg, caterpillar and pupae (chrysalis) and have now reached adulthood. It is unique among British butterflies in that it can over winter as a chrysalis or a caterpillar

I noticed this different spider by the track and must admit I don't know the name of either species. Let me know if you do please.

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