Monday, 8 October 2007

Allo Allo , St Margaret's Players 11th to 13th Oct

I popped into the Village Hall this evening to see how the rehearsals for "Allo Allo" were going. I had my camera with me of course. It looked like good clean (well almost) fun and I'd recommend you get yourself a ticket for one of the three nights it's on and have a good laugh.

Evette, Mimi and Edith were dancing as Rene cleaned the bar.

I'm not sure that Mimi liked Edith's singing!

Rene continued to frustrate Edith's desire for passion.

But then he had his own plans!

Michelle will only say this once.

The box gets Mimi to an interesting level!

Helga and Captain Bertorelli admire Colonel Von Strohm's syrup.

Helga helps Herr Otto Flick find the "g" string.

The peasants take their refreshment in the cafe.

He was p*ssing the Cofe so he came in.

The parrot looks as if it escaped from a different sketch, but perhaps is has it's own secret use.

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Anonymous said...

I went along to this last night, packed house and an absolute riot. Well done to everydbody concerned. Keith

tut-tut said...

Where've you gotten to? Miss your daily photos.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a marvelous production! I wish I lived closer to enjoy the show.

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