Sunday, 23 December 2007

Christmas is nearly here!

This year we won't be having all of the family visit us at St Margaret's for Christmas. Rob, Ceri, Cam and Ben (middle son and family) have moved to Brisbane, Queensland. Ben and Cam look like they're enjoying their new house and pool even though they must be missing our glorious winter weather!
The rest of the family arrived today, Pete and Nina with Jack and Josh and Simon and Rocio with the youngest grandson, Sam.
Sam seems to be pleased to see his cousins, he's already walking well, although he's not one until Jan 2nd.
Jack appears to be relishing his status of the older cousin, and it was good to see them all getting on so well.
Josh gave a hand with the last of the decorations for the Christmas tree,
while Sam though that the plastic apples ought to be edible.


Pat said...

What super photos. Looks like there is a lot of fun to be had in the next few days.

Steve of Kingsdown said...

Merry Christmas Tony!