Saturday, 8 December 2007

Christmas Lights

As it was one of those days that didn't get light, it seemed sensible to take some more pictures in the dark. After my comment on the Christmas lights at a well known Hotel, Kieth suggested I to a look at some lights at the end of Chapel Lane. They certainly are festive, even in the awful weather this evening.

The lights in The Avenue, just as Last year, caught my eye as the best I've seen in the village. Of course static pictures can't show you Santa juggling, but in reality he is very skilled.

I haven't looked everywhere in the village, so if there are other candidates for best lights of Christmas let me know.
Wildlife. While I was out I could here at least one, possibly two Tawny Owls "singing" their hooting songs. They set up territory and breed very early so they are very active at this time of year.

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Amber Truhope said...

i live in Brisbane, where one family of your family has moved. Enjoyed your birds and the Christmas lights. the Sandgate Uniting church where my sister worships puts on a display of lights each year