Monday, 17 December 2007

A cold December Day

I had a look a South Foreland Valley this lunch time. I had hoped to photograph some of the winter birds that visit us. Unfortunately the whole area seemed almost dead, with the exception of a couple of Chaffinches that flew over the path and two Magpies that disappeared into the scrub there were no signs of wildlife. I try and use photographs from the day, so I continued with my camera.

I wondered if it was possible to capture this atmosphere of cold, isolation and silence with a camera. This is the end of "Sea View Road" as it leaves the Lighthouse.

Without their leaves these trees seem frail and uninteresting.

Coppice is important in Kent, but as it ceases to be managed it starts to loose its appeal to wildlife and in the winter it becomes a sterile habitat.

There are some nice shapes in this scrub but it has the feel of a petrified forest.

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