Monday, 31 December 2007

The last post of 2007

As I thought about what to post today two thoughts strolled through my grey matter (thoughts no longer flash). The first was, I've taken something like 12,000 pictures, or rather I've pressed the button that many times, this year, so which result was I most pleased with? The second thought occured while I was pondering this, I looked out of the window and wondered if I'd ever seen so many plants in flower on Dec 31st.

Of the wildlife pictures I've taken I think that the Buff-bellied Paradise Kingfisher above just gets my favourite vote. Perhaps it was the fantastic surroundings in the rain forest, north of Cairns, or the fabulous colours of the bird or its confiding nature when I found it, or more probably it was one of the birds that when I'd looked at in the field guide before I went I most wanted to see.

Of the other pictures I've taken, this one of Josh in Cornwall, the last of a series of bring water from the sea to the sand-castle, shows the concentration on his face to get this task done. I watched him for some in and was enthralled.

Flowers blooming today- I've tried to identify them to genus, but not species or variety, let me know if I've got them wrong.

. Geranium.

a Daisy sp.

a Campanula sp.

and Arenaria.

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Steve said...

Great pictures and great blog Tony - always enjoy reading it. Best wishes for 2008. Steve