Friday, 25 January 2008

Australian Connection

After spending more than six weeks in Australia I was pleased to get an e-mail from Stephen Gull who used to live in St Margaret's.

He told me he used to live at the Feathers in Kingsdown Road. I knew it wasn't in the bit that I lived in so I wandered down towards Hogsbush to see if I could located it. The first house in this group is Hogsbush, a name that has always intrigued me (I must find out about it.)

The next property is the "Feathers" where Stephen used to live, and it is still there and still named "Feathers" although I admit to knowing nothing else about it, save that it was up for sale a couple of years ago. As Stephen went to Australia in 1966 I expect that many things in the village have drastically changed since then.One of the things that will be quite different in the house at Upper Freedown. This was built a couple of years ago, and much of the structure came passed my house in large sections. I believe it was a Scandinavian design and they now enjoy fabulous views down the valley to the sea.
I did notice that the Collared doves were getting a little amorous in the sunshine, but then they seem to have the ability to breed nearly all year round, which is probably why they are so successful.

I finally persuaded a male Chaffinch in decent plumage to pose for me by baiting the path out side my window with seed. This guy is about as bright as they get, but I still haven't heard one singing in the garden yet, but hopefully that shouldn't be too long.

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tut-tut said...

The chaffinch is certainly looking back at you!