Sunday, 20 January 2008

Cottages in the village.

I remember in Geography lessons learning about warm wet westerly winds in winter being the predominant feature.

A quick look at the top of Brian's house at the corner of Chapel Lane and the Avenue confirmed the direction, the damp was obvious and my lack of gloves and coat showed how warm it was for January.
At end of Chapel Lane there is the attractive building of Marine Cottage, but I doubt that even with global warming and sea level rises it will become a mooring point for yachts.

Round the corner and opposite the start of Reach Road there is a row of four cottages, Mayfield Cottage, Dora Cottage, Elms Cottage and Queensland Cottage. During the road works this will become a very busy junction, if as I understand it will, Chapel Lane becomes a one way road. With two schools along here it will need careful organisation to maintain safety.

On the other corner is St Margaret's Lodge, a former hotel and residence of old people. It appears to be empty now. I don't know what the plans for it are, but I would be interested to find out.

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