Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Is Spring on its Way?

Today I spent some time cleaning and sterilising my bird feeders. The wet weather had had a bad affect on the food in then and they needed a good scrubbing out.
Unlike many of the lucky people further inland winter visitors like Siskins and Bramblings don't hand around long and we only see then in the garden for a few weeks in autumn and spring. Chaffinches on the other hand are in good numbers and are now beginning to get their fine spring plumage. This one, above was really bright, but because the Chaffinches were quite shy I took the picture through the window.

This Greenfinch is really bright and it allowed me to gently open the window before I photographed it. The difference in the sharpness and light is very noticeable.

I had a look at the two ponds, hoping to find the first returning frogs, but so far I could see no activity although the mild weather meant that there were still a lot of small insects buzzing over the water.
This evening in the clear still sky the moon shone very brightly in the NE and at least one Tawny Owl was calling, not too far away. As yet I haven't managed to see one in the garden but it is surely only time before they find the nest box I've put up for them!

I*n the opposite direction the last glimmers of the sun illuminated the three aerials against a band of black clouds.

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tut-tut said...

These are all beautiful and very evocative. You should be mounting a show somewhere!