Wednesday, 9 January 2008


I saw a Barn Owl along the A2 near Shepherdswell a couple of nights ago. I haven't seen one around the village this year but I stopped to poke my head in an old barn on the off chance one was roosting there, and of course there wasn't.

The view down to St Peter's Church at Westcliffe was nicely framed by the trees.

From the cliffs, a few minutes later I could see this vessel somewhere of Kingsdown or Deal.

In the fading light I couldn't read the name, it looks like a customs ship, any ideas?

On my way home I popped in the shop for my milk and paper and Angie tried to sell me some Healthy fruit drink, made locally in Kent.

Meanwhile Siobhan hands me my paper, while she's next to the shelf that dispenses death to the addicted.

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