Thursday, 31 January 2008

You don't have to be MAD but......................

The weather today was awful, with the Port of Dover closed and numerous accidents due to over-turned vehicles being reported. It was therefore with some caution that I proceeded to the bay to see if there were any birds close enough to photograph.

There were very few birds close in and the winds were exceptional, up to 70 mph being recorded. So I was amazed to see this guy speeding across the waves on a wind surfer.

When he disappeared for a few seconds, under the waves, I knew he'd be OK, he had the look of and experienced surfer.

He was quickly up and getting ready to go again.

Away he went at a good speed, almost across the westerly wind.

I was impressed, and I must say envious of his youth and athleticism when he stated do tricks.

He even managed a somersault at high speed in the boiling water.

He was quickly upright and going again. I don't know who he was but he put on a good show and deserved a bigger audience than my and a man and his dog.

This evening as the light faded the sea had calmed and a distant ferry indicated that the port was open again, but if your sailing take a bag with you!


Steve of Kingsdown said...

Good grief, what a nutter! Mind you, he seems to be dressed up like Spiderman, so maybe he's a superhero.

Might I suggest you send the photos to one of the local papers, as I'm sure he'd like to show off to a wider audience.

Deslilas said...

Gorgeous windsurfer, he tooked lot of pleasure. He could be very happy to get your pics.