Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Pleasant Pheasant and dirty water.

I came across this Pheasant today and was impressed by the fantastic markings on its back. What a shame they're only released into the countryside so that someone can blast them out of the sky!
I decided to take a look at the River Dour at the Kearnsey Abbey "Waterfall", where Grey Wagtails are often present and Kingfishers occasionally visit. As I approached a Grey Wagtail called and flew off up the river and unfortunately didn't return while I was there. I'll be back to capture his picture.

Water is a great challenge to the photographer, should you try and stop the movement and get the stream sharp or allow the movement, lose the detail but gain a dynamic impression. I remember a really good book of wildlife photographer, Heather Angel, called "How to Photograph Water". After my feeble efforts I need to read it again. Sadly what was most noticeable were the plastic bottles and bags which destroy the atmosphere but say much about our treatment of our environment.

As I crossed the railway at Guston I thought of a picture I once saw of Vermeer getting perspective into his pictures using a "Camera Obscura". He should have stood here, it's easy!

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Dover Son said...

I've just started a blog on my home town of Dover, just an amble through my childhood and youth.
I came across your blog and found it
very interesting and absorbing.
I have some other memories of St Margaret's which I will blog in the near future.
I will be back for more of your blogs.
Kind regards Dover Son