Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter Snow - well almost

I heard today that statistically it's more likely to snow at Easter than it is at Christmas. Well it had a good try today but didn't manage to settle.

The garden hosted the normal selection, Chaffinch numbers were about 40 with just a couple of female Bramblings appearing now and again. The Chaffinches above were feeding in our "mini blizzard" and occasionally tried to feed on the handing feeders. A few do manage this but seldom stay long and never look comfortable. One Brambling spent some time on a feeder but was never in a position for a picture.
Greenfinch numbers remain fairly low with never more than around 15 in sight. Everything seemed quite nervous today, and there were frequent sorties to the trees, even when it was just one of the numerous pigeons landing.
Just a few Goldfinches popped in to feed, they are never very numerous in the garden, but there are usually a couple around, brightening up the garden both visually and with their jingly song.
Meanwhile up in Clitheroe Jack and Josh found enough snow this morning to build a snowman, that's the one in the middle with Josh on the left, in his delightful hat and Jack, looking hard with out a coat!

For the first time I can remember I had to shake the snow out off my almost empty moth traps, just one Hebrew Character. Looking at my records last year the equivalent week was equally bad.

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