Saturday, 19 April 2008

Late visitors

I have been surprised at the number of Siskins still around in the garden. By this time they've normally moved on and left the Greenfinches to contest the feeders with Goldfinches and House Sparrows. This morning I counted at least 17 in the garden and I need to order another 25 kg of Sunflower seeds for Vine House Farm.
While I was watching the feeders and a male Blackbird taking a vigorous bath I was surprised to see a very bright male Brambling with a Chaffinch on the ground.
A part from Wood Pigeons, Feral Pigeons and Collared Doves these two were the only birds feeding on the ground. The Brambling is now very distinctive and looking very handsome, rather like I've seen them in Finland.

Something kept spooking him while he was on the ground and he peered up into the sky in a very nervous fashion.
Fortunately when he flew off it was into the tree directly outside my study window. The wind was a bit cold blowing through and the light awful, so I had to use a fast "film" speed.
Even so I was quite pleased with the portraits he posed for. It will be interesting to see if he returns in tomorrows sunshine.

Mothing. Only five moths this morning, but they included the first Shuttle-shaped Dart of the year.


nature tales and camera trails said...

The photo of the Blackbird taking a bath is lovely, as are the Bramblings also.

Steve said...

Cracking Brambling shots Tony!