Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Skipping by

A not too early visit to the Leas and Bockhill was disappointing in the number of birds I saw.

However it's always a treat to see the Cowslips on Bert's lawn, even if they originally made the journey from Norfolk, with Bert, a number of years ago.

Just outside the garden I noticed this Harlequin Ladybird, the first I've seen this year. This is an alien species and unfortunately it preys on our native species and could be a serious threat to them.
This afternoon I went to Langdon cliffs to the old tramway, where Jack and Phil had seen a few Dingy Skippers this morning.

I had a close encounter with a couple of pairs of weasels that appeared to be having some sort of territorial dispute. This one sat down some distance away and stayed long enough for a couple of pictures, although the sun was not in a good direction.

I did see a couple of Skippers, but each time they just flew by and disappeared. I was luckier with a Common Heath moth. This is one of several day flying moths that are quite butterfly like when they are flying.

Although the Skippers weren't cooperative this Small Copper, the first I've seen this year, sat quietly and allowed a picture.


Carol said...

Hi, your last two days of photographs are stunning, the lady beetle and weasel...wonderful!
Thanks for posting them.
Cheers Carol

Anonymous said...

Tony, I don't know if you've wandered down Sea Street in the last couple of days but there's been a house alarm going off for about 72 hours non-stop! No joy from the police / council etc so I wondered if you could mention it in your blog, perhaps with a picture of the 'St Margaret's Pottery' sign that's just gone up? The owner might just read the blog and come down to turn it off! Thanks, Keith.