Saturday, 10 May 2008

Back and Bionic

Above Beach Thick-knee, below Me.
Back from the William Harvey last night with new knee in place. I didn't have the chance of photos there, so no pictures of the hammer and chisel that did the job. I went down at 3.40 pm on Wednesday, and was allowed out 6.30 pm on Friday, having done all the tasks the physio set me. Just about the record in turn round time, but I did try hard to get it moving. I'm still on crutches, so I will probably have to restrict myself to moths for a couple of days, and it was quite a good catch last night. when I work out how to set up the camera one handed I'll get some pictures.

I don't care about what people say and write about the NHS, it's fantastic and if Aneurin Bevan, had done nothing else, this legacy was the most important social measure in the UK, in the 20th Century. In Kings D2 Ward, they were a fantastic bunch of people, and they have my gratitude for their patience, care and help.

Birds. The Bockhill boys have been having good time with Kites and Rough-legged Buzzard. It now seems that the four birds that escaped from London Zoo earlier were 'Cape Verde' hybrid kites and this complicates to issue some what. I've had a sit in the garden, but no Kites, but there was a nice Spotted Flycatcher, which, I think, is the first of the year for the patch.


Murray Lord said...

The new outfit has improved your looks no end!!

Tony Morris said...

Thanks Murray, I though you'd like the long white stockings!

Barry said...

faster than a speeding moth, the new improved Morris, ready to do the can can or 'shake a tail feather'