Friday, 23 May 2008

I settled myself in a quiet corner to watch the comings and goings of the birds bathing in the pool leading to the pond. This Blue Tit amused me. It just couldn't get enough. Each time it seemed to have finished, back in it went.

As I was photographing the Blue Tit I caught sight of a small white butterfly and expecting a Small White I was surprised to see that it was an Orange Tip. Under usual circumstances they just fly by and give no chance to get a picture. So when i settled I was somewhat surprised. I took a couple of distant photographs and then slowly stood up and moved closer.

I good a few more pictures, and noticed that the hind wings were rather tatty. Despite this I was quite pleased with the result as this is the first time I've actually managed to get any picture. It was when I started to return to my seat that I realised I'd stood up and walked over to the butterfly completely forgetting my walking sticks. I doesn't mean that I can walk miles but at least some confidence is returning.

I decided to venture further, but not without aids, to see how Tim and Gloria were getting on in Foxley. I don't know if they were in, but I didn't get an answer at the door, but they haven't fitted the bell yet. Round the back I watch Shane excavating in the garden, he didn't see me and I didn't interrupt him. I don't suppose his activity had anything to do with me not finding his in laws, I think he's working on the foundations for the balcony.

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