Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Lunar Double-stripe at Kingsdown

Nigel Jarman sent me this picture of a Lunar Double-stripe that he caught last night a Kingsdown. It was a actually at rest outside his trap so he had a bit of luck. This extremely rare moth is a migrant from Europe. It was resident in the UK until 1958. I can find two previous records in Kent, both at Dungeness, but I haven't done an exhaustive search.


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Beautiful moth, and it seems very rare, Are you taking part in National moth night?

Tony Morris said...

Hi Josh,
I certainly am. Unfortunately I won't be able to take part in any activities away from home, but I will run four traps round the garden and hope for a good night.

Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Brilliant! 4 traps, you should get something! weather set to be rain in my area, oh well i'll see!