Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Roadside Orchids

Roadside verges are often fantastic areas for wild flowers, provided that they are looked after properly.
One such haven for wildlife can be found along Upper Road, between the Radar Station and the White Cliffs car park. I had a walk along this stretch this evening, the road is narrow so you have to keep an eye on the traffic as the road can be quite busy.

We had driven passed the other day and I'd noticed quite a few orchids on the bank. Today was a bit dull and the wind was blowing quite hard, not ideal for taking photos, but I did take a few. This is one of the bigger spikes of Common Spotted Orchid, which are numerous along this chalk bank. The flowers are quite densely packed and vary from almost white to quite dark purple.

Fragrant Orchids are also numerous along the road, the spikes are much less tightly packed and the individual flowers have a long slender spur, and of course they are indeed fragrant.

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