Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Prefab Sprouts!

This was the scene along Granville Road last Wednesday.

These two double trailer trucks plus one parked just around the bend were waiting to unload the prefabricated sections of the new house to be erected on the site.

On Wednesday afternoon the area still showed very little evidence of the house that would miraculously appear on the site.

Today, just five days later, the main Shell of the building is already in place. I realise that all the fittings inside will take a lot longer to install but it is still a remarkable piece of work.

From this angle the building looks even more convincing. This is so different from the prefabs of my childhood, that were build after the second world war to fill the housing needs after the blitz.

Wildlife news. Birds After the excitement of last Saturday when Nigel Jarman found a Booted Warbler, that was photographed by Gerald Segelbacher the weather was again dire and my brief sea watch yielded little apart from a few distant terns and Gannets and four Common Scoter. Mothing was equally disappointing with very few moths for the time of year and nothing out of the ordinary. Butterflies, a bit of late news, Annie Burden, sent me a great description of a Monarch Butterfly she saw in the Bay on the 15th. These butterflies are very rare in the UK. Although they have colonised in a couple of parts of Europe, they come from North America. It is possible that it was an escape from a breeding project, but it may have come on the westerly winds.


Keith Morris said...

It's a skilled example of the builders' art but it's a shame the house has appeared in what was once someone's garden. I know you can't proect a view butI wonder how the house behind feels? Is the village in danger of overdevelopment?

Tony Morris said...

Not so Keith, the house actually replaces a hosue that the owners wanted to extend but were not able too. See today's note.

Keith Morris said...

Tony, I totally forgot that the original house had been there even though I've passed it a hundred times. However, as I once did an observancy test at the Science Museum regarding a dramatised mugging and I got the sex of the assailant wrong I shouldn't be too surprised. Am I heading for TOGdom? The 'buildblog' they have is excellent.
Do you know if there are any takers for the Hollywood style newbuild on Granville Road? It might have come down to under a million what with the credit crunch and all!

Tony Morris said...

Keith,I think that there are people in there and have been for a few months, unless they've left and it's empty again.