Sunday, 31 August 2008

Saturday Night and....

A late posting for technical reasons, I fell asleep watching the football and didn't wake up until 2.00am!

A walk along the cliff top yesterday evening was quiet. The evening light and mist gave a almost eerie feeling to the place.
At one point I could here Common Sandpiper way below me on the shoreline. I looked over, I don't get very close I hate heights but all I could see were gulls, including these two Great Black-backed Gulls.

I did notice that there were quite a few Silver Y's nectaring on the flowers. These migrant moths sometimes come over in vast numbers.

Turning in land, on the path that leads to the Freedown, I found the first Wheatear of the day, sitting on straw bale.

By the time I got to the Freedown it was bathed in evening light and the mist was descending.

Along the fence there were three more Wheatears and three Whinchats, two of the attractive members of the chat group that we get. Formerly classed as members of the Thrush family some taxonomists now put them with Flycatchers, while some leave them as a sub-family still with the Thrushes.

As I walked back I noticed this Common Carpet nectaring. This is a moth I'm used to seeing in my moth trap but lest used to seeing it in day light, even if it was fading.

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