Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Another Escaped Falcon!

This big falcon has been around for a while. A different bird to the one that was around in March, this is a really huge bird, being a lot larger than the local female Peregrine. This morning it was being mobbed by a Peregrine and a Sparrowhawk, and later I saw it chasing a Herring Gull, but didn't see the outcome as it dropped low below the cliff. The back colour is grey, not unlike a Peregrine but may be a bit paler, but it has a pale crown. The size of it makes you thing of Gyr, but I think it is a hybrid, again. Mark Love reported it at South Foreland this evening, and I suspect it's been responsible for a few reports around East Kent.


Benjamin Young said...

I saw the falcon too on Saturday, being mobbed by a Kestrel. No idea what it is, though from my photo it looks sort of brown.

Tony Morris said...

It looks greyer to me than the last one but my photos today do show a brownish tone, but overall I'd say its grey(ish)