Thursday, 18 September 2008

Up on the Roof

The trouble with birds like the escaped falcon, that is terrorising the gulls along the cliff at St Margaret's is that it has a magnetic quality for my camera lens. When it flies over I have to point and shoot, in the hope that I get something half decent. Overall there were fewer migrant birds around the patch today, although we did bump into little clusters of Chiffchaffs and Lesser Whitethroats.

The falcon gave us a good show above the car park at the monument at about mid-day today.

I'm not going to guess at it's parentage, just say that it big and fond of chasing gulls, and that it isn't popular with any of the resident birds of prey in the area.

In this shot you can just about see the brownish grey colour of its upper feathers and the pale crown.
The new house on Granville Road has now been tiled. I suppose that I shouldn't pass an opinion (not like me I hear you say) but I must admit that the colour was a surprise. I know it's the sort of roof colour you would find in a Frankfurt suburb,. and that the house is German designed but it seems a little incongruous in St Margaret's.

Later this afternoon I had a walk behind the village and watched a large bird of prey being mobbed by crows. After all the Honey Buzzards that have been around in the last few days I did hope for a couple of seconds that one had found its way here, but it was "only" a Common Buzzard.

Common Buzzards have made a return to Kent and since they are mainly feeders on rabbits they should not be short of food as rabbits appear to me to be very numerous at the moment.


Anonymous said...
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Tony Morris said...

Anonymous said...

what a *******g ridiculous colour. It totally detracts from the period properties in the area and the council should be informed.
21 September 2008 09:51:00 BST

Tony Morris said...

I've taken the liberty of editing Mr Anonymous's comment. I'm sure he is entitled to his opinion, but I'd prefer moderation in the language.

St Maraget's Resident said...

Anonymous makes very clear in her/his langauge their narrow intolerant mind. IMHO and many people we have spoken to walking by, it enhances the neighbourhood. Is anonymous just a jealous neighbour?

Tony Morris said...

I can't say that I think that it enhances the neighbourhood, nor do I think anyone would be jealous of the colour per se (the house perhaps). As an impartial observer it does look a little out of place to me, but I think one will get used to it and weathering will tone it down a little.