Sunday, 5 October 2008

Fresh Water Pools in the Car Park

The weather today was as forecast and few people ventured down to the bay. This brave lady picked her way through the puddles to watch the waves.

The sea was a mass of white foam that quickly merged with a white mist giving little chance of seeing any passing sea birds.

Close to the shore Black-headed Gulls fed on the top of the waves finding morsels in the foam.

The disaster that is a very expensive car park does at least provide some nice fresh water pools when it rains hard. This Woodpigeon is using the facility for a drink. Pigeons are the only family of birds that can suck up water and don't need to lift their heads up to swallow.

The Black-headed Gulls make full use of the fresh water to bathe and sort their feathers out.

This bird is in first winter plumage, the brown wing coverts, left over from the juvenile plumage are apparent as they are not replaced until the spring when they get their adult summer plumage.

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