Friday, 24 October 2008

More drinking time

I was intrigued by this Teal, is it a juvenile male or a male coming out of eclipse. I must admit from a distance I thought that it was the female that had be around earlier.

In the evening many birds come to drink before going to roost, this group of Linnets kept dropping in and then flying off before they managed their drink, I suspect if was the presence of Carrion Crows, also coming down that put then off. When they did drink it was for a few seconds only.

Other birds making use of the scrape were a group of about 50 Lapwings and over 100 Starlings.

I think that there were about 112 Wood pigeons in the picture yesterday. When they drop down in the stubble and ploughed fields they are less obvious and when flush the numbers at the moment are quite amazing.
We're heading north for a few days with some of the family, it remains to be seen if I'll manage to post during this time. As we will be on the edge of Bowland Forest I hope the weather will be kind and we'll get out to see a few things.

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